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Customer support

Customers of regZone!cz services can use non-stop customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained operatives insure continual functioning of servers, customers' applications, e-mail services, database servers and whole range of other services.

Before you contact our technical support, try to find your answer to your problem in large system of electronic help, which you have fully at your disposal.

Contact information

Fixed line: +420 543 257 018
Mobile: +420 603 196 637 (+420 603 1 ZONER)
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Customers of regZone!cz can turn to qualified operatives in any day or night hour with their request.


For communication with our operatives you can also use online chat LiveHelp.
Tool LiveHelp is used for quick questions and answers to your questions concerning our provided services.

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