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Special registration of CZ domains

Every domain name has its particular expiry date. If the owner of the domain name does not pay the periodic fee, the domain name is deleted according to the domain registry rules and a new registration of this name is made possible by other interested parties. There is a wide range of domain names of which had their original owners no longer have an interest and due to non-payment of fees will be deleted. Special registration is a way how to pre-order expiring domain names during the quarantine and in the case of its deletion the new registration is performed automatically.

Here is the list of CZ domain names which will be released within the next 10 days.

You can choose a particular domain from the list above, where next to the domain name there is also the likely date of its release (deletion). In the list you can see all CZ domain names which will be released within the next 10 days. You cannot order a special registration of any domain name until it gets to this period - that means that there is no way how to use Special registration if there is more than the next 10 days yet.

When you chose a domain name from the list above, click on the "register" link on the right side. The system performs a check of the domain current status and if it's available for an order, you will see the checkbox marked as "Special registration". If you want to order it, please tick the checkbox.

Once the order is completed, the bill is issued promptly. When you pay the fee, the domain name is ready for immediate registration as soon as it is released. The earlier the payment of the fee, the greater is the chance of getting a domain name. If the payment arrives until after canceling a domain name, it may happen that the domain name was already registered by another taker. Therefore, for the special registration there is strongly recommended to use online payment. Payments by regular bank transfer would appear with a delay.

The result of the special registration can be either successful domain name registration immediately after its release or failure and a refund of the fee (or a part of the fee). Failure of the special registration may have two reasons. The original owner managed to extend a domain name before its removal (so-called inability of registration), or there were more applicants that competed of this domain but only one of them can succeed (so-called unsuccessful registration).

There is a chance that multiple applicants may order the same domain name using the special registration, but only in the case that none of them didn't pay the registration fee yet. Once the payment is made from one of the applicants, receiving more orders for the same domain name is no longer possible. But other applicants who have not made the payment yet have still the opportunity to do so and have equal chances of success. Applications are sent to register at once in random order. Maximum one application may succeed. But neither one application may not succeed because the successful taker's request may be send by another registrar.

The fee for special registration consists of the usual registration fee plus extra surcharge for the special registration itself. In case of the unsuccessful registration is the registration fee plus the special registration surcharge refunded in full. In case of the inability of registration is the registration fee and a part of the special registration surcharge refunded. Current prices can be found in the pricelist - see the section "Pricelist of other services" below.

The main elements of the special registration:

  • time range for the special registration of released domains: 0 to 10 days from the current date
  • for the order please tick the "Special registration" checkbox
  • online payment is recommended
  • make the payment as soon as possible
  • one domain can be ordered by more applicants
  • after the payment of one of the applicants the same domain can not be ordered any longer
  • reason of failure: the domain holder eventually extended his domain name (inability of registration)
  • reason of failure: another applicant succeeded (unsuccessful registration)
  • special registration is carried out for an additional cost - surcharge


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