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Electronic signature

Our company sends electronic tax invoices in format PDF, which are sign by electronic flag, which is based on qualified system certificate provided by qualified certification authority Czech post s.p.- PostSignum QCA - PostSignum QCA.

System certificate of ZONER software, a.s. company

CN: ZONER software, a.s. [IČ 49437381]
OU: fakturace (billing)
OU: system certificate
O: ZONER software, a.s. [IČ 49437381]
Serial number of cert.: S114176 (‎0f 52 f7)
Imprint (SHA-1): c2 71 1b 28 bc 31 d9 d3 d5 5a db c9 15 3f 19 4d 63 98 77 fe
Availability: 12. 03. 2011

You can check our certificate (electronic flag) on website PostSignum QCA PostSignum QCA after setting seriál number of certificate.

Original certificate: history

Root certification authority PostSignum Root QCA

(CN=PostSignum Root QCA,O=Česká pošta, s.p. [IČ 47114983],C=CZ)

File name: postsignum_qca_root.cer
Size: 1582 B
File format: DER
Imprint (SHA-1): AF3B 84BA 3437 63BB BE03 6C76 5A44 119E 48B5 2D34
Imprint (MD5): 385F 2FBD BC06 F7B0 28ED F21C 86AC 2E05
File name: postsignum_qca_root.pem
Size: 2199 B
File format: PEM
Imprint (SHA-1): 3BCB 0BEA EB9E 95BB DFD3 AC96 9102 066B F49D 4C37
Imprint (MD5): 4D3A 8498 3AE6 B114 3643 90EA 66E4 3377

Inferior certification authority PostSignum Qualified CA

(CN=PostSignum Qualified CA,O=Česká pošta, s.p. [IČ 47114983],C=CZ)

File name: postsignum_qca_sub.cer
Size: 1586 B
File format: DER
Imprint (SHA-1) 1BDB 87C4 8102 977C A277 65E9 CCA4 1424 6C6D 88A2
Imprint (MD5) 5ACB F806 A17D B75D 93AD BB9A 4E54 EFB8
File name: postsignum_qca_sub.pem
Size: 2204 B
File format: PEM
Imprint (SHA-1): F003 37C6 474C 06BD 099C F863 5D5C 8DA7 FABD 76EB
Imprint (MD5): 3F1B C084 80B0 7B70 8B74 B94E 0F51 D9F4

Certificates of cerfitication authority PostSignum are available to download on website PostSignum QCA.

Verification authenticity certificate of certification authority

You can check Authenticity of files by calculate imprint from content of all file by using algorithms SHA-1 and MD5. Certificates are verified successfully, if calculated value is same as value on this site.

Imprints certificate of authenticity are listed on website Ministry of Informatics Czech republic, where you can download a program DataHash for calculation of Imprints from files.


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