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COM Domains

COM are among the oldest top level domains on the Internet. They are "generic" TLDs; this means they are not tied to any country. At present, there are no binding rules for the use of COM domains, and anyone can register such a domain.

I want to register a COM domain

and use regZone!cz services.

I want to transfer a COM domain

under regZone!cz administration.


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Rules for Creation of COM Domains

  • the domain name may only contain the following characters: [a-z, 0-9, -]
  • the domain name length may not exceed 63 characters
  • the domain name length may not be less than 2 characters
  • the domain name may not begin or end with the "-" character
  • the domain name may not contain two "-" characters in a row
  • domain names may be registered for any whole number of years from 1 to 10
  • domain name registrations may be extended for any full number of years from 1 to 10
  • there are no restrictions on who may register this domain type-any physical or legal person of any nationality can do so

Every domain name must be unique. You may not register a domain name identical with another one that has already been registered.

COM Domain Price List

Registration of a new domain for 1 year
New domain for all customers 199 CZK

COM Domain Renew Price List

Number of domains per
administrative account
Yearly registration fee
50 - 99 contact us
11 - 49 229 CZK
4 - 10 269 CZK
0 - 3 429 CZK
The final prices are given by the total number of domains active on the account. Prices are given without VAT.

The domain price includes

  • all fees for domain registration and administration, no extra hidden fees
  • DNS record maintenance
  • registration of the domain with the administrator of the individual domain
  • domain parking
  • domain administration in the regZone!cz Administration Center

Price List - Other Services

Name of service Price
Renewal of a generic domain with Redemption Grace Period* status 3500 CZK

Change of registrar for COM domains

  • change-of-registrar fee is same fee charged to Zoner by registrar, and equals their extension fee for a 1-year extension
  • existing registrar must "unlock" domain for transfer and deliver authorization password to us
  • performed online - by clicking on a hyperlink in the domain bearer’s confirmation e-mail
  • domain may be transferred no later than 5 days before domain expiration
  • after changing registrars, the domain validity is extended by one year from the date of expiration


* for 30 days from the date of expiration, you can extend a domain for the same price as the standard maintenance fee. After this period expires, the domain enters the “Redemption Grace Period.” During this 30-day period, the domain owner can pay the above-mentioned fee and thereby perform an emergency renewal. After the Redemption Grace Period expires, the domain spends 5 days in Pending Delete status, and then is freed up for further registration.


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