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COM.HU domain, Hungary

Hungarian Top Level Domain is marked COM.HU. Administrator of the Hungarian domain is Domain COM.HU can be registered by any person with European Union citizenship or company with EU residence. Domain is registered at least for 2 years.

I want to register new domain COM.HU

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Registration of COM.HU domain rules

  • domain name can contain only characters [a-z, 0-9, -]
  • domain name can be at most 40 characters long
  • domain name must be at least 2 characters long
  • character "-" is not allowed as first or last in domain name
  • it is not possible use 2 characters "-" altogether for domain name
  • domain is registered at least for 2 years
  • it is possible to renew domain name for 1 year

Each domain name has to be unique. It is not possible to register one domain name twice.

Price List for COM.HU domains

Domain Registration Fee Maintenance Fee for 1 year
COM.HU 0 Kč 249 Kč* (301 Kč s DPH)
* Minimal registration period for the COM.HU domain is 2 years.

Price includes

  • all fees for domain registration and administration, no more costs
  • DNS record maintenance
  • domain registration by respective domain registrar
  • domain parking
  • domain administration in regZone!cz Administration Centre

Terms and Conditions for registration:

We will register Hungarian domain for you in 3 weeks after registration fee payment
Registration is supervised manually on the Hungarian side, therewise is not possible to register domain names with Trademarks or derivative, names of contries or continents etc. without presentment of appropriate documents. Private person has to fill in the form the Passport or ID card number, company valid VAT number. The domain holder is responsible for legality of the content on the web.


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