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DNS system

ZONER software operates its own DNS autonomous system developed in 2009 and after successful testing and long deployed in spring 2010.
DNS system meets the high requirements for stability, speed, security and independence of servers. It is fully scalable and ready for a possible expansion in the future.

functionality of Internet domains and DNS system is completely dependent, as is using DNS to translate domain names corresponding IP addresses. If the DNS servers for a domain inaccessible domain ceases to exist. Visitors get to the website, you can not send mail, search engines stop indexing domain. This is just a few things that can happen in the event of failure of the DNS.

DNS system

DNS system is currently used 3 Name Server , which are located in separate places and data circuits in the Republic (Prague, Brno) and the USA. All servers are Dell.


  • three geographically independent name servers to avoid downtime
  • possibility of extending the N-server
  • location 2 CR + 1 U.S. for good response in America and Asia
  • always used Dell hardware
  • based on the NSD NLnetLabs (higher performance than bind9)
  • very rapid expansion of the DNS for the new domain
  • TTL of entries
  • IDN support
  • support DNSSEC
  • two of our nameservers have native IPv6 support
  • API support for Partners
  • support partner DNS masking (aliasing)

Designation NS:, and .
CZ Domains are set up with NSSET NSSET: Zoner .

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a hierarchical domain name system, which is implemented DNS servers and protocol of the same name, which they exchange information. Its main task and the cause of the mutual transfer of domain names and IP addresses of network nodes. But later assumed the additional features (such as e-mail or IP phones) and now serves de facto as a distributed database of network information (see Wikipedia - DNS ).


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