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DNSSEC Support

We offer a most advanced security of domains - DNSSEC.
Among the pioneers of this technology belongs also CZ.NIC - central registrar of .CZ domain, which you can now secure with DNSSEC directly from your Administration centre.

Currently supported domains

Price: included in domain registration charge

I want to register a domain .CZ

and have DNSSEC protection option

I want to transfer a domain .CZ

under management of regZone!cz and secure my domain via DNSSEC


DNS hosting includes

  • DNS management
  • Support of DNSSEC security
  • Option of change/editation of DNS records
  • full access to the Center of administration
  • SMS alert settings on the domain expiration
  • customer support 24/7

What is a DNSSEC?

DNSSEC (shortcut of Domain Name System Security Extensions) in IT means a set of IETF specifications, that allows to secure the informations provided by DNS system in IP networks. (internet). This is an extension that allows clients of DNS (resolvers) to verify a origin of data and data integrity. DNSSEC does not provide encryption of tranfering data and does not guarantee their availability.Source = WIKI.

CZ.NIC, an interest association, administrator of the CZ top-level domain, is one of the leading innovators in the deployment of DNSSEC. On is published a lot of informations about DNSSEC service. If you want to learn more about the DNSSEC, we recommend you visiting this site.

How to use a DNSSEC for your CZ domain?

In Administration centre under MENU - Správa DNS you can find new option "Podepisování zón DNSSEC". By the simple filter and selection of domain you can sign your domain immediately. Spreading new information about the signing of your domain in internet will take about hour or two.

The possibility of signing is available to CZ and EU domains. Domains have to set your nameservers Zoner.. Customers domains is not signed automatically, but signing will be realized on customers request in Administration.
Our company have signed some of our domains, for example - Information about signing and proving correction of signing is possible to find on adress:
Or install the Firefox plugin:

Signing a domain with a DNSSEC

Look at our videotutorial, which will show you how to activate DNSSSEC for your domain.

Our videotutorials are available at ou Youtube channel at

To sign or not to sign your domain?

DNSSEC service went throught a rapid development in recent years. First domain with DNS signing was swedish domain in 2005. CZ domain supports DNSSEC since 2009 and domain EU since fall 2010. In 2010 was also signed a root zone (highestí) by ICANN organization and many domains is about to begin to support DNSSEC.
Main goal of a DNSSEC service is to prevent the attacker to forward adress of target server to own server and to be able to show a fake web pages of some bank, eshop, etc.
We recommend domail owners, conducters of financial webs and eshop to sign their domain.

We are preparing to offer a DNSSEC for other .TLD domains, that supports DNSSEC.


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