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Changes to the Rules of CZ domain

(Brno, 5. 9. 2011) Cenral registry of national top level domain .cz, CZ.NIC, changes on October 1st 2011 some conditions of the Czech top level domain registration.
Most important change is prolongation of the postexpiry quarantine period by 15 days to 60 days in total.

Quarantine period prolongation

From October 1st 2011 length of the quarantine period before cancellation of CZ domains is prolongated from current 45 days to 60 days.

Timetable of CZ domain expiration

Timetable of CZ domain expiration
  • Date of expiration - date of the end of prepaid term
  • 30 days of quarantine (1st - 30th day) - domain is fully functional
  • 30 days of DNS quarantine (31st - 60th day) - domain is not delegated to the zone, is not functional
  • 61st day - domain is deleted, free for new registration

CZ domains, that will exist on October 1st 2011 will be prolongated as well.

Deletion of CZ domain

Another change is made to the way the domains are deleted from registry. According to the new rules deleting will be random during whole day.
Not only after a specific hour, as it is now at 14:00. This should ease the registry when registrar are trying to catch some of the domains deleted to a new registration.

Special registration - warning

Changes to the process of domain deletion will have effect on the service of special registration. This service might be temporarily unavailable.

Charging of the registry queries

CZ.NIC will from October 1st 2011 introduce a charge for queriers to the database by a fee of 0,10 CZK per EPP task. We will be forced to be more careful of our partners' API.


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