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(Brno, 12. 9. 2014) Domain registration portal - project regZone!cz by ZONER software - defended prestigious and the highest five stars rating from CZ.NIC for their customer services.

Fourth consecutive testing of Czech registrar's services took place during the summer and regZone reached five stars in quality of services again !

Our customers gets authoritative confirmation that they have their domains registered by the best CZ domain registrar.

You can rely on our services on long term!

CZ.NIC, CZ domain administrator, decided in 2011 to certificate domain registrars services for the first time because of increasing number of registrars. Certification is voluntary, but registrars sends clear message to their customers by participating - their service are by all means on the top level.

Certification method

CZ.NIC rated 4 categories of services within the certification was to which assigned a weight.

Certification results

Category Weight Points Result %
CZ domain registration 45% 38/38 100
Other services 10% 6/6 100
Knowledge base and documents 25% 5/5 100
Technical sollution of website 20% 3/4 75

5 stars - great result

ZONER software is very proud to receive 5 stars for regZone!cz again. Received rating reflects top quality of our registrar services and our 24/7 helpdesk.


Complete results of certification can be found at CZ.NIC official website.


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