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Domain for morning relaxation .COFFEE

(Brno, 7. 4. 2014) Enjoy true relaxation with a .COFFEE. For those interested in home base there is also a domain .HOUSE or international domain .INTERNATIONAL.

Who are the new domains for?

Acquiring new TLD domains is not restrict in free registration and can be obtained by everybody. You can create your unforgettable on-line identity. Enjoy a great chance to register hundreds of completely new TLD domains. Specify your interests, activities or focus of your business.

Registrace nových TLD domén

REGISTER HERE: new TLD domains

New domains in offer:

Free time - .COFFEE, .HOUSE, .FLORIST Technology - .SOLAR

You can also registered these domains:

.GRAPHICS, .SEXY, .COMPANY, .GURU, .EQUIPMENT, .HOUE, .DOMAINS, .GALLERY, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .EMAIL, .ESTATE, .SUPPORT, .COFFEE, .SINGLES ... and more new TLD domains, for example domains released last week.

Other new domains every Monday!

Hundreds of new domains in offer ZONER software

Now you can look forward to more new TLD domain for which we will gradually publish in news for Do not miss a unique chance to register a new domain and simply express who you are or what you do.

You can register only new gTLD domains, that have been approved by ICANN and passed the phase of the Sunrise Period and Early Access.


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