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Registrar's change of CZ domain

Change of domain registrar to company ZONER software, Ltd. will secure comfortable administration of your domain. With registrar's change all present domain information, especially Holder (Owner), Technical contact and DNS. Domain functioning won't be in any way affected by this change.

I want to change registrar

of domain CZ under administration of RegZone!cz.


With us you get

  • registrar's change without fee payment for domain prolongation
  • free data changes of domain name
  • sending TXT warning on domain expiration
  • settlement of payments on-line
  • finding out status of given requests
  • browsing through data in Central register
  • Administration centre for comfortable domains' administration
  • customer support 24/7

Are you at wits' end?

Don't hesitate to turn to our customer support.


Important information:

If the domain expires within 30 days since the registrar's change request, the transfer is realized after payment of prolongation fee according to valid pricelist.

After presentation of registrar's change request, confirmation e-mail is generated, which is sent to accessible contact e-mail addresses of Holder (Owner) of domain (admin-c a tech-c) according to database of CZ domain administrator - CZ.NIC. E-mail includes link to website, on which Domain holder will show agreement with registrar's change. In case of non-existant e-mail contacts it is needed for Holder to confirm the request in writing, which is sent to address of applicant for registrar's change and is a part of informative e-mail.


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