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Privacy Policy

Only authorized persons of ZONER software, a.s. have access to the information collected from regZone!cz web pages. All information gathered during the use of these pages will be used exclusively to:

  • analyze our users’ usage of the site (number of visitors, time spent on each page, how pages were used, etc.) so we can provide better content and services.
  • analyze the technical aspects of our web pages for the purpose of providing faster and more user-friendly access to our pages and services. As a tool towards this end, we may make use of cookies - small quantities of data sent to your computer and saved on your hard disk. Every time you connect, the cookies are read and interpreted by the web site that sent them, offering them information about your usage of the site. The cookies used by regZone!cz are anonymous-no name, address, etc. is connected to any of these cookies.


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