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Frequent questions

Here we will reply in several points to your frequent questions about new partnership co-operation. If you don't find the answer to your question here, do not hesitate and contact us.

How can I become regZone!cz partner?

RegZone!cz partner can become anybody, who administer min. 10 domains, which will be transferred under administration of regZone!cz.
Start co-operation with regZone!cz as soon as possible by filling in contact form!

How can I get the most advantageous prices?

If you are interested in transferring your domains under administration of regZone!cz, after filling the form, the lowest pricelist prices will be set on your account, even if you do not have sufficient number of individual domains on your account for getting the best prices.
If within 2-3 months required number of domains for getting the best price is not reached, the setting is cancelled and final price of domains is set according to standard pricelist.

Can I use additional services for my customers?

Yes, for services of type MiniWeb, Domain parking, E-mail or E-mail PRO there is no limitation and can be established and used for every domain, which has DNS recors under our administration.
Partners can supply their own parking site, which they can by default set for their domains.

How will I migrate my domains to regZone!cz?

Transfer of current customers is realized individually with assistance of our customer support.
On the basis of given domains' list, confirmation e-mails are sent according to rules of CZ domains' registration, which customers must confirm and domain will be transferred under registrar ZONER. E-mails are sent to authoritative e-mail addresses of domain owner (administrative or technical contact).
For other domains, e.g. EU, SK, COM, NET specific procedures are always valid, which are individually consulted.

Do I need your assistance for my customers administration?

In Centre of administration all domains can be administred without having to contact our company. You gain that way full independence and at the same time control over your domains.

What is the relationship of regZone!cz to the partner's customers?

Our company is not interested in contacting customers of our partners nor entering in any business relationship with them. As domains' registrar, however, we provide services, which are realized under heading of ZONER software company and in those cases customers are in direct contact with our company. For example e-mails or forms for data change confirmation of domains or during registrar's change.
Futher for example as registrar of EU domains, in case of domains' expiration, we send via e-mail warning about domain expiration or cancellation.

Can I sell services for different prices?

Price policy is created by each partner alone.

Who pays remunarations for domains?

Remunarations for domains are always made by partner. Appeals for payment are sent to partner. Thanks to function "collective payment" is is possible to merge remunaration payments under onepod jeden variable symbol and save so time and bank charges.

Can I sell services of regZone!cz under my name?

Yes, you can sell our services under your name/your company name.

Can I get commission for webhosting services?

regZone!cz offers only additional services to domain. In case of interest for webhosting co-operation, the account of partner is transferred under project CZECHIA.COM, which offers complete www services.


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