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Domains MS, ST a TK

(Brno, 25. 9. 2013) New in our portfolio we offer registration of island states domains: Montserrat - MS, Saint Thomass and Prince´s Island - ST and Tokelau - TK.


New domains, which you can register

  • Domain MS is the main domain of Montserrat. It is used as a shotcut for many organization all over the world. This kind of domain use for example Microsoft company, american state Mississippi for their post services and many other subjects.
  • Domain ST is first level domain of Saint Thomass - Prince´s Island. It used as a trademark for some things (for example "Star Trek"), and so on.
  • Domain TK is the highest level national domain for Tokelau.
    Administrator of domain TK is organization DOT TK.


    You can do order of these domains with more information and rules by clicking on specific domain:

    For more information about prices of these domains use our pricelist.


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