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Prohlížení kontaktu - CZ


Identificator: A24CONTACT-30401
Date of creation: 28.1.2010 0:59:43
Given registrar: ACTIVE 24, s.r.o.
Name and Surname: Vladimir Vostrikov
Street: Vltavska
Street 2:
Street 3:
City: Praha
Postcode: 17000
State: CZ
Phone number: nonpublic data
Fax: nonpublic data
VAT number : nonpublic data
E-mail: nonpublic data
E-mail for notification: nonpublic data

Possible to realize following actions:


Only owners or authorized persons can make changes of domains. Relevant attempt at misuse of form can be judged as crime. Is  IP address in evidence et al.


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